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    Excellence is never acheived by accident

    It's easy to dismiss your childhood and other life experiences as just that. We like using the phrase, "that's just life" when we don't know what else to attribute to our lack of connection with who and what we really want to be when we grow up. It was in this pondering and puzzling moment of my life that God began to show me piece by piece how connection to my many "just life" experiences really did matter. You were not created by accident, and nor will you find your purpose by accident. It wasn't easy sharing some of the stories of my life, but I truly want someone else to know what God has taken time to let me know. You have to be willing to share pieces of your life and begin the process of connecting. You can go from puzzled to purpose by doing just that.

    It's not everyday you come accross a piece of literature that challenges and encourages you to be a better version of yourself.

    Review by Ian Buchanan II

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tasha hart

Get a grip on why your purpose is still puzzled

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    Puzzled To Purpose

    Puzzled To Purpose Workbook

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    9 Chapters

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puzzled to purpose

written by tasha hart...

Excellence never happens by accident






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Tasha Hart Author

Natasha Hart is an artistic writer with the ability to help readers visualize the subject she is teaching within the book. Tasha is from a small town in Indiana, however her "growing up" experiences involve multiple places she calls home. Moving around at an early age has moved her to the mountains of Maryland and other States throughout her life. It is from these places that Tasha has built experiences from which God uses to give her insight on various subjects regarding life in general.

Although "Puzzled to Purpose" is Tasha's first published work she has always been a writer privately and has had the privilege of some of her works being printed publicly. During her high school career, Tasha wrote a poem about her grandfather that earned her way into the pages of Who's Who Among American High School Students. While attending classes for theology a lesson on patience was written by Tasha and it proved once again her ability to grab the reader's attention. The lesson was printed as in article in "The Father's House" newsletter.

Tasha Hart enjoys experiencing life to the fullest God. And sharing the love of God with others. It is through chance encounters, her loving husband, co-workers, friends and loving family that has built up the courage and encouragement for Tasha to produce her first published work. She is married to Chad Hart a local firemen and volunteer deputy for the Sheriff's department. They both have three children between them and currently reside in Jackson, TN.

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    What does art have to do with it? - Tasha Hart enjoys sharing the love of God through visual art. Quite often you will see her art along side her love for writing. Visit Puzzled To Purpose on Facebook for more details

    Speaking Engagements Tasha and her spouse Chad Hart are members of Toastmasters International. Tasha enjoys sharing her testimonies and thoughts on purpose whenever given the opportunity. To schedule Tasha for your next speaking event contact us at jeremiahpurpose@gmail.com
    You are a Master Piece You are a Master Piece in God's plan. Discover your purpose and position in the body of Christ. Follow Tasha Hart @puzzled2purpose on Periscope. View live broadcast and interact with the author.
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